A weekend of care and comfort
A weekend of care and comfort


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Since launching this website, many of you have emailed me with your story and shared the heart wrenching loss you have experienced. You've shared with me your precious child's name and how old they were when they died; you shared with me how your child died and how long it has been for you. You have talked openly about your pain. Some of you have shared with me the secondary losses that have occured since your child's death, and have talked about how these added losses have impacted your day to day as well as other family members, your jobs, your beliefs, your ongoing outlook on life, and the how the death of your child has changed everything around you and within you.


As I read your stories, I am deeply touched. I am touched by your pain, I am moved by your courage (for some of you, it has been only weeks or months ) and in a heartbeat, I am there with you. My tears flow and my heart opens even wider as I feel and remember the raw emotion of early grief. I try to imagine myself being there with you, holding your hand, sitting with you, crying with you....offering myself to you and be with you in that moment.


This page has been created for you to write whatever is in your heart; your thoughts, your experiences, your story ( as much or as little as you feel comfortable with). Other mothers who are bereaved will have access and be able to respond and share as well. My hope is there may be a story, a word, an experience that is shared by another bereaved mother that will resonnate with you, and offer a comfort or strength that you need jsut at the right time.


 In the early weeks and months of grieving, I could not read much, but when I found a website, or read a short story about another mom's grief, it actually helped a little to lesson the pain I was in.  I totally understood her pain. I shared in her anger, her guilt, her emptiness, and her sadness. Her experiences began to shed light on my darkness knowing that I am not alone and that another had survived this vast pain that had totally comsumed me. I began to see the possibility of living my life as a bereaved mother just as she is and these realizations gave me hope and an ability to get through one more day.


Please us the comment section below to write whatever is in your heart. These messages will be viewed by myself prior to being published on the site. If you would like to be connected with another mom, please provide your permission in this email that you are ok to be contacted and your email/contact info shared.


I am certain that we will respect one anther's privacy, one another's pain, and most of all our children - in their life and in their death.


There is a belief that geese fly in flocks to support one another so they can reach their journey of thousands of miles travelled. We as bereaved moms can do the same. We can support one another  when one is too tired to fly on her own. My hope is that we can travel this journey together. Hold and support one another along the way as we travela through  our lives, and .... together will make it through.

Contact Kimberly

Kimberly Ryan is a bereaved mother. Her son Matthew died suddenly in August 2009 at the age of 27 as a result of complications from addictions. Kimberly had been involved in meditation and alternative health modalities long before the tragic loss of her son, and now uses her knowledge and wellness background to offer a place for other moms who are bereaved. Please contact Kimberly at:


Phone:     +1 519 909 9644       



Email: ryankimberly1023@gmail.com




Dates of Upcoming Weekend Retreats


The next retreat is scheduled for May 25, 26, 27th and October 26,27,28th, 2018..


Please contact Kimberly to register as space is limited.

Welcome ALL mothers who are bereaved. There is no time frame on our grief., if your loss was longer ago or recent. Each of us has experienced the death of a child. We gather together to support, gain strength and provide comfort. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat and learn more about who I am, what this is all about, and discuss if this is good timing for you.


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