"Specializing in Self-Care Retreats for Grieving Mothers"
"Specializing in Self-Care Retreats for Grieving Mothers"

Bereaved Mothers Care & Comfort Weekend


  This Care & Comfort Retreat has been designed to support you at any time, early in your grief or if you are a few miles down the road and need some time to rejuvenate and/or just be with other moms who are journeying where you have been.


  Mothers who have attended the retreat are of all ages and their loss may have been as short as a few months to 10 years or more. These are not therapy retreats, but simply a time to gather together with other moms and to be nurtured and cared for through the wellness modalities we do throughout the weekend.


Hope for the Retreat


It is our hope that when the timing is right for you, you will find what you need and be comforted. Some of what you may experience and be able to do is:

  • Focus on your needs
  • Replenish your physical energy
  • Be nurtured by others
  • Find calm to sooth your soul
  • Connect with other bereaved moms

And while you are here, there is ample opportunity for you to reflect on your own personal journey so that you can return home with a greater sense of equilibrium and hope for the future.



 Self-Care & Healing


Give yourself permission to pause from the daily demands and energy of grief work. Allow yourself to be supported by others in a peaceful, safe and nurturing environment. 


Throughout the weekend, you will have opportunity to sit and chat with other bereaved mothers through shared activities including:

  • Campfires (weather permitting)
  • Outdoor Walks (weather permitting)
  • Meditation
  • Yoga and Restorative Yoga
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Energy Healing
  • Hand and Foot Soaks
  • Specialty Tea Time
  • Delicious and Healthy Meals (comfort foods)


The weekend is full of pampering. As the hours unfold, you will be called to participate in organized activities that I have especially designed to be comforting and at the same time informative. Along with the pampering sessions, you will be creating your own personalized comfort care basket, unique to you and your needs to take home and continue with your commitment to self care.


From the moment you arrive, you will be invited to set aside the daily demands of your world back home. The entire weekend is designed for you and is all about “receiving”.


"The Wilderness Time!"


  Grief and Mourning have been described by Dr. Alan Wolfelt as “The Wilderness Time!” It is a place of in-between, where the world as you knew it before the death of your child no longer exists.


  Dr. Wolfelt defines grief as the internal thoughts and feelings we experience after our loved one has died, and mourning as an outward expression of these thoughts and feelings. Sharing the weekend with other bereaved mothers provides that sense of outward expression as well as an opportunity for self care that we become to know as being so important while we walk this journey.


 For myself, I truly understand what Dr. Wolfelt is describing as the wilderness. When I reflect back, I remember feeling as though my entire world had collapsed around me, and absolutely nothing made any logical sense. I felt so lost.  My emotions went in ten different directions all at once; shock, scared, sad, angry, hopeless, debilitated, grief stricken, guilt, crazy and everything in between. Many times I felt that I could not talk to anyone, for fear that they would think I was going crazy.


  Every day felt dark, and the beginning days turned into weeks and then months, and yet the darkness did not lift. Every step became scary. I was unable to do even simple tasks like washing the dishes or making a grocery list. In those beginning months, time and life did not make sense or hold any meaning for me.


  I came to learn that as we grieve, all of our energy becomes focused on our child who has died. We become drained and begin to feel the impact of how difficult it is to give the daily care to our family members who are also grieving, let alone have the energy to attend to our own emotional and physical needs. And yet, the professionals advise that it is a crucial time for taking care of ourselves, even if only for a few moments a day in the early time of grieving and beyond.


  This Care and Comfort Retreat is designed to help you do just that; give yourself a reprieve from the "Wilderness". It is a time when you can take refuge, find quiet and allow yourself to be pampered and be taken care of by others.


Disclaimer: This is not a weekend of therapy. If you are seeking a type of support group, please contact Compassionate Friends or Bereaved Families of Ontario -- your local chapter. You will be asked to sign a waiver when you arrive stating that the focus for this weekend is about comfort and self-care. We will share information about alternative healing modalities and treatments but do not "treat" specifically any symptoms of grief or trauma.  

Kimberly Ryan 

  is a bereaved mother. Her son Matthew died suddenly in August 2009 at the age of 27 as a result of complications from addictions. Kimberly had been involved in meditation and alternative health modalities long before the tragic loss of her son, and now uses her knowledge and wellness background to offer a place for other moms who are bereaved. She does this as a give back or pay it forward; this is a not for profit offering, and she is always seeking practitioners who will donate their time to the moms.


Please contact Kimberly at:


Phone:  +1 519 909 9644       


Email: ryankimberly1023@gmail.com




Dates of Upcoming Retreats

The May retreat has been cancelled. Updates on future dates will be posted as soon as there is information available to confirm a date. Those moms who were interested have been contacted, if for some reason, you have not been notified please contact Kimberly. Thnnkyou and be well.









   Welcome ALL mothers who are bereaved. There is no time frame on our grief, whether your loss was long ago or recent. Each of us has experienced the death of a child.

  We gather together for self care, support, and comfort. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat and learn more about who I am, what this is all about, and discuss if this is good timing for you.


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