"Specializing in Self-Care Retreats for Grieving Mothers"
"Specializing in Self-Care Retreats for Grieving Mothers"
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Hello, I am glad that you have found this website, although am truly sorry that you have had to look for this website. Below is a bit about myself.  I welcome your call or email so we can talk about you, your story and more details about what this weekend involves.





  Feeling safe and finding hope were the two things that I needed most in those beginning months following the burial of my 27 year old son Matthew. The world no longer felt safe to me, even within my own circle as the emotional and physical pain grew more unbearable and draining. As time went on, I fought to find  the one thing every day that would get me through that day, and sometimes just one hour, or even each minute of the day.


   Attending a support group for mothers of adult child loss through Bereaved Families of Ontario in Hamilton was truly a life saver for me. As I began to talk with other bereaved mothers, I found that being with them offered me a respite from feeling so disconnected from the rest of the world or what I described as "the land of the living" . With them I found a place where I could begin to feel a sense of order and balance in the midst of the chaos of grief. I craved this connection and as time went on, my world began to feel a litle more sane, because I realized that I was not alone. As I witnessed the survival of one mom and then another and another....those who had made it through this horror and unbearable pain, I began to believe that I too just might be "ok" one day.


  .  With other moms, either individually having a chat on the phone, or meeting for a coffee or in a support group, I slowly began to feel that I could actually heal a little.


   I listened to other mothers talk about their child's life and death, and couldn't believe that they were describing exactly how I was feeling almost to a tee; the experience of shock and disbelief; the feelings of deep sorrow and sadness; guilt and anger; fear and confusion; hopelessness and many other things in between. I listened to how they were surviving each day, and the more and more stories I heard, the more amazed I was at how many moms I began to connect with. Some contacted me, others I found through the name of an acquaintance or an email. I began to see just how many of us there are out there.


   Many months later, as the fog lifted, the doubt I had about living through the death of my son began to ease up a little . As I started to reach out, I began to gather a sense of  understanding and also felt compelled to "do something" that could support other bereaved mothers.  


This retreat is a beginning to take some time for self-care.

You will be able to experience a variety of ways to nurture your health and your well-being.


It is also a time to spend time and connect with other mothers whose child has died.


We have set the intention for the weekend as a time for not only being nurtured, but also to appreciate the value of self-care. Family and friends do their best to be helpful and supportive, but there is something to be said about being with other mothers who are living this experience and who the same as you are doing their best to survive and find meaning and hope for the future.


And so, it is our intent that the time spent together will not only be a “respite” to nurture your spirit but also a beginning step to taking care of you each-and-every day after the retreat, and especially for those difficult days we eventually learn to live within the best way we know how such as anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions

For me, I have found comfort in creating and facilitating these retreats and through meeting with other mothers who are bereaved. 


My son Matthew loved helping others.  The retreat is my way of giving back and to honor Matthew's life.  I feel his smile and his spirit at each retreat weekend.  





   I have been facilitating groups on meditation and personal development since 1997. I completed Level 1 of the Mindfulness Meditation Professional Training Workshop ((Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR) offered through the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, and I am a graduate of the University of Waterloo. Recently retired from social services I am restructuring my time and energy and look forward to offering overnight retreats for women.  Certified as a Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga Instructor, I also recently completed 100 hours of Meditation training.


   In my youth and early adult years, learning about meditation and relaxation was a key element for working through my challenges with anxiety and depression. A single mother for many years, I utilized the relaxation practices I now teach. During this time, I made many wonderful connections and friendships while operating a small book store and wellness shop for almost 5 years where I offered wellness literature and workshops to community and professional groups and individuals. These connections continue to flourish, and weave in and out of my life.


   It is through networking with others and being networked with others that I began to recognize how valuable these “connections” become in our ability to reach out, bring close and gather what we need at the time, and then offer ourselves back again when we are strong enough to be there for others.


   I had no way of knowing just how valuable connecting with others would be until August 17, 2009, when suddenly and tragically my son Matthew at the age of 27 died while he was working out west.


   After the first anniversary date of Matthew's death, I began to feel ready, and had the mental and physical energy to explore the intellectual aspect of grief and loss. Over tiime, I completed the Bereavement Education certificate program in Toronto and attended some seminars at the  The Coping Center in Cambridge Ontario.


   As I began to heal and feel stronger, I designed the weekend Care and Comfort Retreat for Bereaved Moms, the first one being in 2012. These are usually offered twice a year, spring and  fall.  It is my hope that when you are ready, you will be able to join us for the next weekend retreat. Space is limited and registration is required. Please contact Kimberly by email to set up a phone call.

Kimberly Ryan 

  is a bereaved mother. Her son Matthew died suddenly in August 2009 at the age of 27 as a result of complications from addictions. Kimberly had been involved in meditation and alternative health modalities long before the tragic loss of her son, and now uses her knowledge and wellness background to offer a place for other moms who are bereaved. She does this as a give back or pay it forward; this is a not for profit offering, and she is always seeking practitioners who will donate their time to the moms.


Please contact Kimberly at:


Phone:  +1 519 909 9644       


Email: ryankimberly1023@gmail.com




Dates of Upcoming Retreats

The May retreat has been cancelled. Updates on future dates will be posted as soon as there is information available to confirm a date. Those moms who were interested have been contacted, if for some reason, you have not been notified please contact Kimberly. Thnnkyou and be well.









   Welcome ALL mothers who are bereaved. There is no time frame on our grief, whether your loss was long ago or recent. Each of us has experienced the death of a child.

  We gather together for self care, support, and comfort. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat and learn more about who I am, what this is all about, and discuss if this is good timing for you.


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